The Day After Turning 64

I just want to thank the Fab Four (again, as always, for their timeless brilliance, &) for making yesterday’s birthday by far the least dreaded of this current post-middle-age era.

For 46 years, I’ve heard & sang this song, never thinking it applied to me…well, until the past few years anyway.  But somewhere deep inside that music brain of mine, this benign vision of old age, coupled with its bouncy clarinet tune, burrowed in…way in. I believed it.  Turning 64 wasn’t going to be that bad.

& it wasn’t.  Of course, there may have been mitigating factors.  Such as being in the early stages of recuperating from pneumonia (nasty nasty!) & having minimal expectations about a happy happy happy birthday.  Such as only wanting to feel a little bit better than the day before yesterday – that would be good enough for 64.  Such as being very satisfied with a short sweet visit from the daughter & grandson, & a wonderful foot massage from husband R of 41 years who, by the way, did actually try to feed me during this ordeal.  & that BLT I was craving yesterday: thank you to Elizabeth for my first out-of-the house adventure in days, even though it felt silly to drive to the Harbor Cafe right around the corner.  & we rediscovered straws!…what a great invention.

So omg, how did I get pneumonia??  I wish I knew.  I have some theories – mostly stuff I know can contribute to reduced resistance to all those little viruses & bacteria that are always floating within us & without us.  Stress.  Yeah, that probably most of all.  I know from experience that I’m susceptible to wanting to overanalyze the past, the what-ifs, the head-shaking at myself in the rear view mirror.  But maybe it will be useful in this case    (…yeah that’s what they always say).  Maybe I can change some of my bad habits, & form some healthier ones as a result of this experience.  What the heck – I’m gonna try.

Not that I recommend the Fever & Delirium Weight Loss Plan, but, for example, I’m determined to not gain back those 10 lbs. I lost (& that I really needed to lose!) over the past two weeks.  My friend E is skeptical but I have a plan (…yeah that’s what they always say).  I also spent a lot of time on the sofa staring out the window at the changing light in the trees out front…I know it sounds sappy, but it was kinda like a forced stop-&-smell-the-roses time, & I did.  I am.

So, we’ll see what comes of it all.  In the meantime, I’m happy to be 64, I’m happy to have access to antibiotics, & I’m happy to feel the love & caring of my friends & family.  & that feels like a pretty good outcome at the moment.

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9 Responses to The Day After Turning 64

  1. Jean Brocklebank says:

    Happy 64th, Linda. And Happy Health! It must have been scary for part of the time and contemplating one’s mortality is never pleasant. I am glad you are re-invigorated, refreshed, renewed and no longer recumbent. Warm regards, Jean

    • liveoaklinda says:

      thanks jean – although i do contemplate mortality in general, thankfully i wasn’t in that mode with this particular illness. the scariest time was when i lost all volition – it was the day we went back to the doc & got the right diagnosis, & those essential antibiotics, which i am still appreciating as i write.

  2. Laura Partch says:

    OMGosh Linda!

    (I’ll bet you are getting a ton of responses to this post.)

    First of all, Happy Belated Birthday!

    Second of all, I’m sooooo sorry to hear that you’ve been through the experience of pneumonia. I had it about 12 years ago and I can say that the experience still serves as a lesson to me, as a reminder not to push myself too hard and the very important role of rest. If this is any consolation, I believe lifestyle changes promised in the midst of pneumonia really can be long lasting.

    Got a kick out of the line about Rock even trying to feed you. It is amusing now, but I know the past few weeks were no fun at all.

    Continue to take good .care and all the best to you and Rock.



  3. I love your writing Linda, and I love you!

  4. says:

    You are amazing. You can even turn the most horrid time into a sun streaming kind of moment. Keep that going for another 64 years. (You are such a baby, btw)

    • liveoaklinda says:

      thank you linda – i don’t know that i really want another 64 years but i’m definitely not ready to go yet…we still have lots of mah jongg to play!

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