Eating Mexican Food on St. Patrick’s Day

Frozen Mexican food even – Amy’s organic cheese enchiladas, to be specific (highly embarrassing, I agree).  And it’s a Saturday night to boot.  Of course, I have visions that everyone else in the world (well at least in the neighborhood) is out partying & laughing & drinking too much Guinness.  My husband (yes, I have one) is up in Boulder Creek tonight babysitting our 2-1/2 year old grandson (& yes, isn’t that great!) so that our daughter & partner can get out to enjoy their holiday beer together with the other social animals.  I’m sitting here at the computer seeing what it might be like to write a blog post.  I did have a very nice lunch out with a girlfriend today so I’m not feeling that deprived.  Still.

Being a California mongrel, I’m sure there’s some Irish “blood” in me somewhere.  I don’t really seem to have the beer lover gene, although there’s strong evidence many of us do. Humans started making beer at the same time as we started growing wheat grain – about 10,000 years ago in the Middle East.  Beer is the human primate’s third most popular beverage of choice – only water & tea are swallowed more often.  As the #1 rated alcoholic drink, beer doesn’t take too long to make & the alcohol content is relatively low (4-6%) so you can drink a lot of it before feeling inebriated (depending on your height/weight ratio of course).

Here are some great beer facts.  Maybe I’ll see you at Rosie McCann’s next year!

[ps., This was my first, test post, written on – you guess it – St. Patrick’s Day (March 17, 2012).  I like the photo (by defekto, 2005) & the link, so decided to post belatedly, in honor of beer lovers worldwide.]

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4 Responses to Eating Mexican Food on St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Chris says:

    Very interesting idea here: not only can I compare my own habits and inclinations to interesting female human of a similar age and background, but I can do it through an anthropological lens!
    Social rituals.
    Food variations.
    A woman in her cave…
    The evolution of this blog will be interesting.
    Looking forward to a post about middens/garbage and one about altruism.

  2. enjoying my beer and your blog together tonight. keep it up, i love it!

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