Shoes See Everything

After that last post, I had to revert to reminding my future-scary-mind of the wisdom of Mma Ramotswe & friends in the No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency .  I was thrilled a few years ago (no wait – I think becalmed is a better characterization of that emotional state) to discover that some of these lovely stories had been made into an HBO series that was actually filmed in Botswana – watch out Frasier!  I’m not sure I’ve read every single book (- uh, I see now from my own link above that there’re at least three more to go -), but thankfully there was one onhand in the real-paper pile (Double Comfort Safari Club) that met my urgent need.

Thank you, Alexander McCall Smith, for Mma Makutsi’s new boots.  ‘Shoes see everything’IMG_1851omg I could run on with this foot-based metaphor forever, so please, let’s step together here for a few.

Shoes protect our precious human primate feet from – well – the earthly climate!  Their soles help us navigate around ocean-worn stones & volcanic jagged rocks that behave, uh-huh, rock-like in the middle of our path…even when the left foot & right foot may disagree on the best route around them.  Not to mention that shoes are the object of satisfying & functional retail therapy (- as Mma Makutsi & you ladies already know).

So, how to step more lightly in those new boots.  I’ve promised some ideas about what we can do about global warming & the climate change it’s causing.  But first, I want to tell you another (short) shoe story.  About going dancing.  By myself.  Yeah, I know that’s kinda weird.

But helplful.  Because I’ve been in a major funk about this drought & warming stuff. Ungrounded, you could say.

R was away on business.  I REALLY didn’t want to hang out alone with my computer (no offense FB friends!) & it was too late to try to find a girlfriend who was game, so I actually dragged myself over to the local neighborhood venue (Crow’s Nest) desperate for whatever live music was happening there…&…wow, had a great time!  Once a slew of ladies (& handful of men) braved the empty dance floor, I had a short chat with my dancing shoes & slid off my corner seat to join in.  Yup, you just have to ignore the angst & get into the groove (as they used to say) & I’m glad for once I listened to my own advice, because music & movement in the company of others was what this human primate needed that night.

So.  OK.  I’m ready to get back to the topic of the day…of the century, really.  & unless you’re part of the ever-smaller denier crowd (& it’s hard to believe anyone who reads this blog would be part of that group), I’m sure you already have some notion of what’s going to be on the climate change to-do list.  Here it is, short & to the point (you’re welcome):

ONE:  Do your part.  Susan Solomon says drying clothes on the sun-warmed line outside would make a difference & yeah, she’s probably right…no doubt it’s a wonderful activity to fill up our abundant spare time. (Remember, you asked!)  She also says, quoting that favorite-baby-boomer-revolution-fantasy icon Chairman Mao: ‘Let a thousand flowers bloom’.  This repurposed slogan is now geared toward new technological innovation which can help us deal & adapt (the new climate change buzz word).  Of course, I agree, &..but…

…I also say…think about how you get around.  Think about the energy & water you use, & waste, & then…modify.  reduce.  reuse.  You know the mantra.  The key is making a habit of it.

TWO:  NO FREE PARKING!  Heartily & with vociferous enthusiasm support any & all taxes on fossil fuels: carbon taxes, pollution taxes, gas taxes, cap & trade schemes, etc. Why taxes?  Think of it as disaster insurance.  At a minimum, we’re gonna need it to recover from all those warmer-air-&-ocean-caused extreme weather events.

THREE:  Debate the deniers.  I’m sure you know a few, because yeah, kinda unbelievably, they’re still out there.  They’re even your friends & mine.  Maybe this link to a great user-friendly NOAA climate change website can help you out with all of this.  A common understanding will help us all manage the changes we’ll need to accommodate to into our inevitably warmer future.

FOUR:  Don’t count on moving to another ‘habitable’ planet as the solution to making this one uninhabitable (…never mind that this fantasy is apparently beloved by brilliant brainiacs & rich techies).

And, finally, FIVE:  Eat less meat, & always, cherish those cool zephyrs.

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3 Responses to Shoes See Everything

  1. Dena says:

    Nicely done, Linda. And glad you went dancing!

  2. skullwoman says:

    Oh Linda I love those books! I’ve devoured every last one at least twice. And yes, we need to listen to our shoes at times. And besides saving energy and decreasing our carbon footprint, line dried clothes smell wonderful. And give kids the fun of running through drying sheets!

    And your point is well written and taken. Our climate is changing and we all need to be so much more cognizant of this fact and stop being so delusional in our thinking that this too shall pass.

    • liveoaklinda says:

      mardi wormhoudt, who was imo one of our most clear-thinking & articulate local political personalities in recent history, once told me, near the end of her life, that humans’ tendency toward to delusional thinking serves a useful function. i know she was speaking personally – she generally didn’t lean toward this point of view in my experience – & i’ve often thought about our conversation, both because of the topic but probably mostly because it was the last one i had with her. delusional thinking is kind of the flip side of human consciousness; it probably helps balance our more or less constant awareness of the randomness of the universe…not to mention it’s role in human religion, our associated tendency toward short-term thinking, etc. anyhow, re the warming climate, i’m getting ready for a hot one today, & trying to curb my impulse to water-up the garden before rationing starts! ..because that would surely be classified as delusional.

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