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When Continents Collide

I wish I could recall the exact moment when I first got plate tectonics – it seems to me now that understanding the unfixed nature of things is the basis of so much human knowledge about this planet we live on, &, … Continue reading

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Can Grandmas Have It All?

There’s been no avoiding the latest mothers-who-also-have-paid-work debate, a.k.a. the mommy wars.  Does anyone else out there think there’s something missing in this latest salvo? & no, I don’t mean the daddy’s, although one has to wonder what’s going through … Continue reading

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A Kitchen Facing West

Have you noticed how the light has changed in the past few days?  & the new edge to the morning fog?  Technically we’re still in the middle of summer, but I always thought it a little odd that our calendar … Continue reading

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Bats in Portland

Don’t worry, this isn’t about the Dark Knight.  Well, maybe it is about the dark night & the bats that may come with it.  Have you ever really thought about bats??  I hadn’t. I took a much-needed 4-day mini-vacation in … Continue reading

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