funky thursday

I think I’m still in recovery from that last post.  I didn’t intend for it to be a tribute to Kelsey, but of course it seemed that way by publishing it on her birthday.  I’d been working on it for weeks – since the awful Shannon Collins tragedy in May – then the birthday crept up &, well, the mother in me couldn’t resist.  I guess it’s OK – no doubt I would never have written it but for her.

Sometimes I think I should stop reading the news – paper or otherwise.  The juxtaposition of this article about climate change (aka global warming) with this editorial rant against the concept of a vehicle mileage fee (an excellent idea btw) in the San Jose Mercury News had me aarrgghhing – then sighing & heading off to watch the first Project Runway program of its 10th anniversary season …I know, lame.  Michael Kors – ugh, booorriing!  On the other hand, fashion maven I am not!  Honestly, this is the only ‘reality’ show I ever watch.

I like this show because these quite talented (mostly young) people work hard coming up with wow (a la Heidi) designs by madly cutting things up with scissors & doing crafty things with (mostly) common fabric.  Just a few days ago I made cushions for the backyard campfire pit stools inspired by Mondo Guerra who should’ve won Season 8 – daughter Z & I were so upset we refused to watch Season 9 (haha, actually I just totally forgot about it last year).  The fabric had been languishing on the sewing shelf for months…years actually. They turned out great.  It only took me a weeks to gather the energy to re-learn how to run my relatively new, computerized sewing machine (60th birthday present) – how to wind the bobbins & dial in the right stitch (definitely an argument against choice)…(not Choice)…but I managed. Yay.  Now to muster up the energy to have people over one of these lovely Santa Cruz evenings to actually sit on them & enjoy a polish & pyro.  These lovely cushions will now protect your party jeans from the Douglass Fir sap on the tree stump stools, which incredibly are still oozing five years after (sadly) being cut down.  Raise your hand if you are willing to volunteer for the first wave!

OK, I’m done for tonight.  Usually you can count on me to spend more time & effort on these posts, but to give you a break after that last one, I think I’ll just fling those standards into the unpredictable winds of life & post this right now.  I promise to exert more control over myself next time.

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2 Responses to funky thursday

  1. lindaab says:

    No need for apologies, Linda. Actually, it’s YOUR blog so you write what you want, when you want, and how you want. We love reading whatever you post.

  2. liveoaklinda says:

    thank you LB – you are a blogger mentor extraordinaire!

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