Remembering the Whole Earth

Scan 2

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  1. Donna Maurillo says:

    The Whole Earth was the very first restaurant we dined at when we arrived in Santa Cruz in June 1973. Well, OK… we stopped at Ferrell’s Donuts first because we needed a quick breakfast after our 3000-mile move from Florida… during which time I learned how to camp and cook on an open fire. I also learned how to dry my hair over an open fire. Or more precisely. how NOT to do it. The first time I did it, I nearly burned my flowing mane, but at least I didn’t have split ends anymore.

    Anyway, back to the restaurant. We probably were the only students on campus with a late-model Oldsmobile station wagon, two kids, and a couple of purebred dogs. We were a former career military family and hadn’t quite blended with the local scene yet. So we climbed the stairs to the restaurant in that big redwood building, and we found our way across the wooden plank floors to a wooden plank table. Nobody seemed to care that our dogs were with us. We thought, “What a cool place that lets you bring your dogs in!” I don’t remember what we ordered. It was probably some kind of fresh vegetable soup with that grainy brown bread that all the natural foods restaurants were serving.

    Eventually we moved into Married Student Housing (which eventually became known as Family Student Housing because, as it turned out, most of the residents were divorced mothers and their kids), put in a community garden, and started enjoying our own fresh vegetables. We also became somewhat hippie, if it counts that I gave up my Chanel-style suits and started wearing halter tops, cut-off shorts, and bandana headbands. But I’m proud to say that I never ever had the slightest urge to buy a pair of Birkenstocks.

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