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Longer Than You Think

Have you noticed that whatever the project, it takes longer than you think?  Uh, like, much longer.  Never, ever shorter.  Definitely not your usual bell curve of averages. Especially at this time of year, it seems.  I (thankfully) didn’t host … Continue reading

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Maybe It Was The Sashimi…

…as in fish, not fauna, that nudged our ancestors of 2 million years ago (already striding on their highly-functional feet) along the path toward larger & more complex brains. Granted, they probably didn’t enjoy succulent hamachi like we do today (no … Continue reading

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Spinning in the Wind

By now the images are familiar: satellite shots of monster hurricane Sandy bearing down on the northeastern U.S. seaboard & scenes of cars floating like ice cubes in dirty floodwaters.  We all do what we can when the wind comes…move … Continue reading

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