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Frasier @ Bedtime

WARNING!   The contents of this post contain absolutely no science, pop-science, or bonobo references. Hey baby I hear the blues a-callin’, tossed salads & scrambled eggs… Just signed up for cable TV a couple of years ago.  We didn’t own … Continue reading

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Next Movie: Disney-fied Bonobos?

A few weeks ago, I talked my 8 year-old niece into seeing “Chimpanzee“, again.  She’d already seen it & even though the reviews were so-so, I felt it was my duty as the everyday primate to see Disney’s take on … Continue reading

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I Say Yay For Pop-Science!

I almost included “Good” in the title – as in Good Pop(ular) Science.  But of course, good goes without saying.  Just as we like good science, we should also demand good science communicated in ways that the general public can … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Oak Moth

They’re trying to compete with the human takeover of Earth. They camouflage themselves with fluttery, seductive, feathery-sweet wing-light in the late afternoon, but we know better. The California Oakworm or California Oak Moth (Phryganidia californica) is in its first mating season in Santa … Continue reading

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What Would Samwise Do?

So I’ve been doing alot of musing these days about loyalty, struggling with it, really.  The loyalty stuff on my mind isn’t at all equivalent to the drama of trueheart Sam’s famous loyalty to Frodo & the Quest-To-Deliver-Middle-Earth-From-Evil…no, nothing like … Continue reading

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