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Cheese and Chicken Bark

I was standing in line at my favorite go-to market the other day & the fellow in front of me incredulously asked if I was “really going to eat” that (lovely) bucheron cheese I’d just placed on the checkout counter. Slightly (but … Continue reading

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People on the To-Do List

An acquaintance of mine sent me an email this morning informing me that my email to her is now in her “to-do” folder & she’ll get back to me next month.  I’d have to say that my reaction to this was complicated. … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage, Cousins, & Bonobos

About a year ago I took a trip to San Diego to visit cousins – both the human & non-human primate kind.  First stop with cousin Roy after he met me at the airport: San Diego Zoo to visit the … Continue reading

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More Waterworks: Scottish Showers & Desal

After that last post I thought I’d try for something more pedestrian.  (Please bear with me, I really love that word & will no doubt use it alot.)  So, here’s a question: how often are you in the shower, blithely standing under our pretty-much-always-running-water-on-demand, … Continue reading

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Not a Crying Shame

I confess to crying.  I (nearly) always feel (at least a little & sometimes alot) better afterwards.  I find it interesting too that, without thinking, I use the word “confess”, as if crying is something to be ashamed of.  Most … Continue reading

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