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A Rat On His Back

I was heading home the other day & a bicyclist rode by with a very large white rat on his shoulder, the long pink tail hanging down his bare back.  Man & rat, heading home together…it was a sweet sight. … Continue reading

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funky thursday

I think I’m still in recovery from that last post.  I didn’t intend for it to be a tribute to Kelsey, but of course it seemed that way by publishing it on her birthday.  I’d been working on it for … Continue reading

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Schizophrenia Quartet

1 A recent Facebook post asserted that “FB is schizophrenic…enough to make my head spin…!” A local hospital administrator misused the term in a public presentation, and a recent letter in the local paper ‘accuses’ U.S Supreme Court Chief Justice … Continue reading

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Evolution Is Not Progress

Don’t worry, I haven’t become a creationist!  But for heaven’s sake, can we please stop using this misleading evolution graphic?? AND all the endless permutations of the same misleading “progress of man” theme…OK, some of them are funny, & some are … Continue reading

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Grinning @ The Driver Next Door

Still on the silliness kick I guess, but hey, why not?  Plus there’s evidence that smiling more makes you feel like smiling more…who woulda thunk? I’ve noticed that something changes when we get inside that little wheeled mobile unit – … Continue reading

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